How to Apply

Before signing up for the ETAPA Sigmacamp 2025, you need to create your account. Click on the button below or in the top menu to create.

See below for all information

Create your account

Before signing up for the Sigmacamp 2025 Stage, you need to create your account, click on the button below or in the top menu to create your account.

Choose which Sigmacamp you want to participate in.

To register for ETAPA Sigmacamp, select "2025 Sigmacamp Brazil" and then, submit it.

Solve Qualification Quiz (QQ)

QQ consists of Math, Physics, Linguistics & Applied Sciences, Biology, Chemistry, and Computer Science challenges. You are NOT expected to solve all the problems - try to do what you can! You may use the internet or get help from someone else, just cite your sources.

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Resume and Motivation letter

Resume - Document highlighting your academic achievements, extracurriculars, and other relevant experiences. This allows the selection team to better understand your background, as well as assess how your experiences align with the objectives of SigmaCamp Brazil.
Motivation letter - What do you like? What are your interests? Why do you want to come to SigmaCamp, and what are you hoping to find there? This part is very important for us, especially for our counselors, who get to know campers weeks in advance.

Submit resume and motivation letter
Two letters of recommendation

One from a Mathematics or Science Teacher and one from an adult who knows you personally. Recommendation letters can be submitted online via our website or returned to you in a sealed envelope. Detailed guidelines for recommendations are on the website.

English placement test

English proficiency test: as SigmaCamp is an international program, English proficiency is necessary for full participation. Therefore, we provide a test that needs to be answered. Thus, it is important to have a B1/B2 level of knowledge. Please come back from July 12th to take the test, which will be available using the button below.

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